“What if you knew that in return for $75 billion in HAMP funding, as of September 1, 2009, only 1,711 homeowners had received a permanent loan modification?  That is what a Congressional Oversight Panel reported last week, according to Ruth Simon of the Wall Street Journal, and Chris Serres of the Minneapolis Star Tribune (see “Mortgage Help? Maybe Not,” page D 1, November 11, 2009).”
This quote is from a blog post by Craig Andresen Attorney at Law from the Bankruptcy Law Network…. what is troubling is that Craig may be correct in his commentary that the HAMP program may have never been intended to help any homeowners… very, very scary !  
I think the moral of this story for consumers is to be very wary of any loan modification programs that you are attempting and always consult an attorney as soon as you begin the process.