new year
The end of the year and the beginning of a new year is often a good time to evaluate your financial circumstances and, if appropriate, consider whether getting a fresh start by filing bankruptcy is the best option for you.
There are many things to consider when thinking about bankruptcy, but the most important is to decide how to choose a bankruptcy attorney or lawyer to talk with in confidence.
It’s not always the most expensive bankruptcy lawyers that are the best or the cheapest that are the worst. In most areas, the prices for filing bankruptcy are determined by the market. The filing fees and credit counseling fees are set fees. The attorney fee, in most cases can vary. (The exception is Chapter 13 where, in most jurisdictions, the price is set by the judges)
One of the most important things to look for, other than price, is the experience of the lawyer. How many bankruptcy cases do they usually handle per month? How many cases have they filed in the last year ?
Is the lawyer a member of any bankruptcy attorney professional associations. The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys is the largest professional association of consumer bankruptcy attorneys representing folks filing bankruptcy. If a lawyer is a member, chances are good that they stay current on the law and ways to help you.
Also, there is national board certification for consumer bankruptcy attorneys done by the American Board of Certification. To become board certified and remain board certified, attorneys are required to pass thorough written examinations testing their knowledge of bankruptcy law and must certify that they maintain continuing education far over and above the minimum required by each state, in bankruptcy continuing education. Also, the attorneys are required to have been involved in a minimum level of cases for the period of certification. In other words, they must remain competent in bankruptcy law in practice and experience.
By clicking on the links above to both organizations, you can go to their sites and both sites have attorney finder options to help you select an attorney in your area that is a member.
Here at John Rogers, Attorney at Law, Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney, we wish you the best in the new year, whatever decisions you make, and if we can be of help, please feel free to contact us. Happy New Year !
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