One option to consider when you are behind on your home and the bank is trying to foreclose is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you can put in a plan, to pay back over time, what you are behind.
After filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you then begin again making your regular monthly payment.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a very powerful tool to enable homeowners to save their home.
It is very important, though, that you discuss your options with an attorney who is experience in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Many attorneys file a few bankruptcy cases a year, but do not file very many Chapter 13 Bankruptcies.
When you call a bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options, ask the staff or attorney how many current Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases they are handling.
Many bankruptcy lawyers will meet with you for free on the first meeting to discuss your options, so don’t be afraid to make the call to see if they can help you.