Can you be arrested for not paying your student loans ?
In a recent high profile story reported here in the New York Times, one man was:
“In a country where 40 million people owe upward of $1.2 trillion on their student loans, it’s not hard to imagine why a tale about armed federal agents’ showing up at the door of a Texas man to arrest him over unpaid student loans set the Internet abuzz.”
But it’s not likely to happen to you.
If you need help paying your student loans, contact an student loan or bankruptcy attorney immediately. Most will offer you a free consultation and help you look at your options to deal with your delinquent student loan debt. There are many ways to help.
The most important thing is to not ignore your student loan debt.  It will not go away. While being arrested and thrown in jail is not likely, you can still face wage and bank account garnishments, and seizures of your tax refunds.
Explore your options.