Ohio Bankrupty Lawyer Wayne Novick has an excellent post out about the helpfulness of credit reports when filing bankruptcy:
I always tell my clients that I can assist them in obtaining their own credit reports through www.creditinfonet.com .  There is a fee for this service.   Or, as suggested in the article above, the client can obtain their own credit report through www.annualcreditreport.comfor free.  Often, I have found that clients are only able to get one or two credit reports through the free service.  Creditinfonet’s service provides an excellent credit report with all 3 major credit bureaus merged into one report.  Of course, though, there is a fee.  The Creditinfonet report is very easy to read as well.
I also caution all clients, with whatever type of credit report they provide me, that the credit report is only as accurate as the creditors that report to it.  A client may have a creditor that never reported to a credit bureau, or reported incorrect information.  So, as I tell my clients, the credit report is only ONE tool to use in providing us, as your attorney, the information about who you owe and how much you owe.  It is still your obligation to provide this information, of course.