Here is Dave’s take on filing bankruptcy.
Don’t let him fool you.  Bankruptcy is a viable option for many folks in today’s economy.  In fact, if you have a large amount of credit card debt or medical bills, or need to get out from under a large mortgage, it is often the only option available.  Further, my experience from practicing bankruptcy law for over 20 years is that, most, if not all, folks will be able to obtain credit fairly easily after filing bankruptcy.  Sure it may have an impact on your credit report, but so does delinquencies on your bills.  At least with bankruptcy, once you have filed and received a discharge, anyone that looks at your credit report will know that you have eliminated a large portion of your debt and often can not immediately file bankruptcy again.  Because of that fact, I have a lot of banks, bank loan officers, and debt negotiators that refer folks to me to file bankruptcy, because they realize bankruptcy is the best option for these folks.
So, before you believe everything you read, discuss your options with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.
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