That’s right,  as far back as 1764, before the founding of the United States of America, our future first President and founding father George Washington was hounded by creditors.
In writing to one of his creditors, he said:
“… it is but an irksome thing to a free mind to be any ways                                     hampered in debt.”
In other words, he was saying if you have debt you can’t pay,  you will never be free from worry, possibly  harming your health and your ability to care for your family.
Quite possibly, and most historians agree, this is why our founding fathers placed in our Constitution the ability for Congress to pass laws allowing for bankruptcy. In a break from the past, our founders wanted citizens of the new United States to be able to get a fresh start, should that be needed and justified.
So,  if debt is a worry and concern to you,  you  are not alone … George Washington suffered with it as well, and because he did, he and his compatriots gave you the right to get a fresh start.
Don’t jeopardize your health and your family.   If you  think you need to consider bankruptcy, contact an experienced bankruptcy lawyer today.