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I have blogged in the past about how nothing at all is worth losing your health, or much less, your life, over, especially debt and financial issues. 
By all means, if you are having financial difficulties, contact an attorney immediately to see what, if any, type of assistance that attorney can provide you.  Possibly they can act as a buffer between you and your creditors and negotiate a resolution to your debt issues.  Maybe bankruptcy is an option to consider and the attorney will review that option with you.  But before the stress of the financial situation becomes too much to bear, contact a legal professional to discuss your options.  Most attorneys do not even charge a fee for the initial consultation, so there is no cost to see if you can get help.
This terrible tragedy that befell this family in Texas does not have to continue to happen.  Seek help, and talk to someone about your problems. There are solutions.
John Rogers, Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney