When I first began the practice of bankruptcy law, it was before Judge Dickinson.  He was an incredibly fair Judge, and I found it very refreshing that he was so open and honest with my clients that appeared before him.  He never belittled or made debtors feel bad for having to file bankruptcy and appear in his Court.  He made them feel very at ease while at the same time assuring them that if they were honest with them, he would be fair to them.
Here is a link to his obituary and another one .
While serving as United States Bankruptcy Judge, Judge Dickinson was also an integral part of his community and church.  He loved high school sports and always attended high school basketball and football games of his alma mater Glasgow High School.  He never missed the Sweet Sixteen Kentucky State High School basketball tournament ! 
Judge, we will miss you !  It was an honor to have practiced before you !
John Rogers, Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney