The Means Test numbers for folks considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Kentucky have gone up effective March 15th, 2011.  This means that it could be possibly somewhat easier to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Even if the household income falls below these figures, it may still not be possible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 
The new median income figures used for the Means Test,  for Kentucky households are:

  • $37,606 (1 person household)
  • $45,081  (2 person household)
  • $51,883   (3 person household)
  • $63,768  (4 person household)

*Add $7,500 for each individual in the household over 4.
Source: US Trustee Program Website
The figures went up by approximately $1000 per household size. If the household income exceeds these figures, it is still possible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but a calculation would need to be done using deductions allowed under the bankruptcy code. 
Determining eligibility for bankruptcy is a complex, time-consuming process.  It is very important to seek the services of a qualified, experienced bankruptcy attorney when considering bankruptcy as an option.