Informing consumers, helping people”–this is the mission of National Bankruptcy Forum. Its members consist of knowledgeable attorneys who are willing to share their expertise to assist you in learning about the bankruptcy process. If you have questions or concerns, this site will allow you to get the answers you need.
The severe recession and credit crisis which began in 2007 have resulted in rising unemployment and home foreclosures across the country–threatening the financial security of many middle class families. The members of the Forum are committed to helping you educate yourself about what bankruptcy is and whether it is right for you. Our attorneys practice in cities across the United States –from Boston to San Diego, from Michigan to North Carolina to Florida. Their combined expertise means that no matter where you live, someone is available to offer advice tailored to your individual needs and specific circumstances. And because of the resources available on our site, you may well find the information you need, without ever talking directly to an attorney. If you do need help however, there is a lawyer in your area.
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