…As set out in the Bankruptcy Code, 11 USC Section 527(a) :
Rule #2  Everthing you own and every debt you owe must be completely and accurately disclosed in the documents filed to commence this case.  Bankruptcy is not a “pick and choose” proceeding.  You do not leave some debts in and leave some debts out.  Everything must me included.  You must value each item you own at the rate it would cost you to replace the item with one of the same condition, age, and usefulness. 
I our practice, we have found that many folks say, “I don’t want to file on that”, meaning a particular debt, maybe a car or a home.   When it is explained to them that you are required by law to list all of your debts, and then you can reaffirm, or keep paying on those debts, then they do understand what is required and have no problem listing that debt.  If they refuse to list that particular debt, then they will not be able to file bankruptcy.
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