Chuck Sydenstricker, staff attorney for Chapter 13 Trustee William Lawrence, Western District of Kentucky, was honored recently by the Legal Aid Society of Louisville, Kentucky as an Outstanding Volunteer for 2009.
The article below is an excerpt from “Bar Briefs”, the monthly publication of the Louisville Bar association:
“Chuck Sydenstricker, a bankruptcy attorney from Louisville, donates several hours each month to lead Legal Aid’s bankruptcy clinics.  A significant number of these clients come to the clinic as a result of insurmountable medical debt.  “Participating in the clinic has helped to reinforce a fact I already knew: that 99 percent of the people who need to file bankruptcy are not trying to ‘game’ the system,” Sydenstricker said.  ” Almost all of the folks I have seen have either lost a job, gotten sick, had a family member get sick, or something similar.”
Congratulations, Chuck, and kudos to you for the work you do for the community !