In Kentucky, we have watched, with fascination, this year and last, the rise, then fall, then rise again of the University of Kentucky Wildcat Men’s basketball team. With a group of five freshman starters, they started out the season as number one in the polls, then faltered mid-season and lost the SEC tournament, but have now emerged as one of two teams playing for the national championship.
As have the Wildcats, so often in life we start out on top financially, but often falter along the way. If we recognize quickly the problems that we are facing, and the cause of those problems, we can correct our problems and get back on track. Coach Cal recognized the issues with his team, made the appropriate tweak, as he called it, and soon had his team in the NCAA tournament and winning.
When our financial life runs into trouble, often we can correct it without the use of bankruptcy. Many times the use of a financial planner, banker or other professional to help you with good financial habits and planning can remedy the situation.
But other times, the tweak that is needed is bankruptcy. We often have financial professionals refer their clients to us when they recognize that the client does need to discuss the option of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy often can be a good solution to get your life back on track and towards a winning, successful solution.
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photo credit: Håkan Dahlström via photopin cc