A good blog post for folks to read that are nervous about their upcoming bankruptcy court meeting, called a §341 meeting, also known as a “meeting of creditors”:
click here for the blog post by Buffalo Bankruptcy Lawyer Jeffrey Freedman
Most bankruptcy attorneys will go over with you in great detail the types of questions that you can expect at the hearing.
Below is a list of the typical questions that our trustees ask debtors here in the Bowling Green Division of the US Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Kentucky:
Did you read and sign the petition you filed.
Do you remember signing the US Trustee form detailing the different type of bankruptcies?
Do you owe any domestic support obligation, such as child support or alimony?
Do you have the same job now as when you filed your petition?
Have you ever filed any form of bankruptcy before?
Does anyone owe you any money?
Are you thinking about suing anyone for anything?
Have you owned any real estate or land in the last 2 to 3 years other than what is listed in your petition?
Do you understand the effect filing bankruptcy has on your credit?
Do you understand what it means to reaffirm a debt and the consequences of that?
Do you understand that you could have filed under a different chapter of the bankruptcy code, such as Chapter 13?
Do you understand what it means to get a discharge of your debts?
Do you have personal knowledge of the information contained in your petition?
Is the tax return you supplied us the most recent tax return that you filed?
Have you always filed your taxes?
What is the address of your current employer?
Has your pay increased since the filing of your bankruptcy petition or have you taken a second job.