All Chapter 13 cases have a Trustee. He is responsible for the overall administration of your case. In all cases in the Western District of Kentucky, the Trustee is William W. Lawrence. He has many active files in addition to yours.
The Trustee’s duties are found in the Bankruptcy Code. They include at a minimum, reviewing the bankruptcy petitions to ensure that they are complete and accurate; determining the ability of debtor(s) to make payments and whether all Chapter 13 plans will be successful as proposed; conducting the first meeting of creditors and appearing at other hearings in your case; monitoring the progress of your case; collecting your payments and paying creditors
according to the plan; recovering improper payments made before your filing; providing information about your case to those who are authorized and have a need to know; and most importantly, assisting you in the performance of your plan.
Remember: the Trustee cannot give you any legal advice. If you need legal advice you need to contact your attorney.
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