If you are considering bankruptcy, please, please read this blog post by Washington State bankruptcy attorney Jay Jump. He get’s it !
An excerpt:
“You can villify me later. For now, I need you to read and get some perspective. Pay attention because we’re going to move fast.
You need to file for bankruptcy.
Let me say it again for those of you who are still shaking your head.
YOU NEED to file for bankruptcy!
There, I gave you a little emphasis to really drive my point home.
Bankruptcy = Responsible Financial Behavior.
Crazy, no? It’s true. If you’re still reading, let me explain why. But first I need to give you a little background. This is going to be a long post, so go grab a cup of coffee and prepare to have your world shaken. I’ve been having this idea rolling around in my head for sometime and it finally came to full realization yesterday.”
John Rogers, Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney